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Easter 2018

How To Get What You Really Want

We all think we know what we want, but do we know what we really want? That seems like a trick question, but really it is just a difficult one that many of us don’t get around to asking very often. Do we want something? Someone? Someplace? Are we absolutely sure? Who can tell? To address these sorts of questions, we have to start by identifying what we value, and even more specifically, what God values for us.

We’ve all experienced the satisfaction of getting what we wanted, at some point in our lives. However, it probably didn’t turn out to be what we thought it was. Perhaps that’s because what we got, wasn’t truly what we valued; it was just what we wanted. There’s a big difference! That’s what we’re going to be talking about with this series at Real Life entitled, “How To Get What You REALLY Want.” Not only will we confront the differences between pleasure and happiness, value and desire, but we’ll also talk about how to avoid being deceived by our own shallow “wants,” as well as how to focus on what we actually value. Furthermore, we’ll talk about how this fits in with what God has created us for, desires for us, and how to live out that purpose.


  1. Don’t Be Deceived by Rusty George
  2. Careful What You Want For by Rusty George

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