Archived Messages

Message Series: Debt Diet

Like The Ones You Love

  1. Touch by Rusty George
  2. Commit by Jodi Hickerson
  3. Rely by Rusty George
  4. Trust by Mike Breaux
  5. Know by Rusty George
Message Series: Debt Diet

Fear or Faith

  1. Fear or Faith (Part 2) by Rusty George
  2. Fear or Faith (Part 1) by Rusty George
  3. CALM by Rusty George
Message Series: Debt Diet


  1. Meditate by Rusty George
  2. List by Mike Breaux
  3. Ask by Rusty George
  4. Celebrate by Carey Nieuwhof
Message Series: Debt Diet

Debt Diet

  1. Eyes on the Prize by Kevin Finkbiner
  2. Same Page/Marriage by Rusty George
  3. Contentment by Rusty George
  4. The Problem by Rusty George
Message Series: Standalone


  1. Compassion KIDS (Part 2) by Rusty George
  2. Compassion KIDS (Part 1) by Rusty George
Message Series: Standalone


  1. 20th Anniversary by Rusty George
  2. Turning Down the Noise by Clay Scroggins
  3. Father’s Day 2020 ft. Jrue Holiday by Mike Breaux
  4. God in the Midst of Tragedy by Mike Breaux
  5. Prayer. Worship. Healing. by Rusty George
  6. Suicide Affects Us All by Rusty George
  7. 2018 Year End Service by Mike Breaux
  8. Christmas is #foryou by Rusty George
  9. #for by Rusty George
  10. Mother’s Day 2018 by Rusty George
Message Series: Darkroom


  1. Elijah/Elisha by Rusty George
  2. Esther by Rob McDowell
  3. Joseph by Rusty George
  4. David by Michael Hinton
  5. Paul by Rusty George
Message Series: Are You Listening?

Getting Good At Being Busy

  1. What About The Rest? by Mike Breaux
  2. Love On The Go by Rusty George
  3. Busy On Purpose by Rusty George
  4. Why So Busy? by Rusty George
Message Series: Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

  1. The Habit of Listening by Shane Philip
  2. The Secret Sauce by Rusty George
  3. My Prayer For You by Rusty George
  4. Whatever by Mike Breaux
  5. I’m All Ears by Mike Breaux
Message Series: 100


  1. 10/10/80 by Rusty George
  2. 100% by Rusty George
Message Series: Best Summer Ever

Best Summer Ever!

  1. Proverbs of Summer by Matt Denton
  2. What Happy Families Know by Rusty George
Message Series: Justice. Mercy. Humility.

Justice. Mercy. Humility.

  1. Humility by Christine Caine
  2. Mercy by Brian Welch
Message Series: Easter


  1. Easter 2019 by Rusty George
  2. Hope (Easter 2018) by Rusty George
Message Series: Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact

  1. Leading Across the Line by Brennan Conklin
  2. Invest and Invite by Rusty George
  3. Why It Matters by Rusty George
Message Series: MODGNIK

MODGNIK: God’s Backward Kingdom

MODGNIK or KINGDOM spelled backward is going to reveal the backward kingdom of God. Jesus never called us to be religious, but rather invited us into something much bigger. He invited us into His kingdom that’s not based on one church, but all churches, so that we all get to be a part of His great kingdom.


  1. King On A Cross by Mike Breaux
  2. Inclusive by Rusty George
  3. Not To Us by Brennan Conklin
  4. Generosity Flows by Mike Breaux
  5. Descend Into Greatness by Rusty George
  6. Others First by Rusty George
  7. More Is Less by Rusty George
  8. MODGNIK by Mike Breaux
Message Series: What Happy Couples Know

What Happy Couples Know

Does it ever seem like every couple around you has it all together, while you can’t even agree on what’s for dinner? Wanna know the secret?


  1. It’s A Choice by Rusty George
  2. Sometimes You Have to Throw Things by Rusty George
  3. It’s Mutual by Rusty George
  4. Nothing by Rusty George
Message Series: Easter at Real Life Church 2018


This is a collection of standalone messages that are not part of a particular series.


  1. 20th Anniversary by Rusty George
  2. Turning Down the Noise by Clay Scroggins
  3. Father’s Day 2020 ft. Jrue Holiday by Mike Breaux
  4. God in the Midst of Tragedy by Mike Breaux
  5. Prayer. Worship. Healing. by Rusty George
  6. Suicide Affects Us All by Rusty George
  7. 2018 Year End Service by Mike Breaux
  8. Christmas is #foryou by Rusty George
  9. #for by Rusty George
  10. Mother’s Day 2018 by Rusty George
Message Series: Be Rich

Be Rich

Each year, a growing network of churches partners to unleash a wave of generosity into communities here and around the world. Giving money changes the way we view our wealth. Through the generosity of those who participate, individuals, organizations, and communities are transformed. We invite you to join us to Be Rich.


  1. Love by Rusty George
  2. Serve by Rusty George
  3. Give by Rusty George
Message Series: Let It Go Too

Let It Go Too

Last year in 2017 we began a message series called Let It Go. It focused on four topics that most of us struggle with that hurt us physically, emotionally and more importantly spiritually. But we all know there are more than just four areas of our life that can do this to us. So, in 2018, we have brought back Let It Go and are focusing on four new topics to let go of to help us gain insight and have a closer relationship with Jesus.


  1. Anger by Mike Hickerson
  2. Procrastination by Mike Breaux
  3. The Past by Gene Appel
  4. Cynicism by Rusty George
Message Series: Joy Ride

Joy Ride


  1. Joy Through Gratitude by Rusty George
  2. Joy In Overcoming My Past by Jim Howard
  3. Freedom Sunday by Rusty George
  4. Joy in Knowing Christ by Rusty George
  5. Joy in the Midst of Joy Suckers by Rusty George
  6. Joy In Being Second by Mike Breaux
  7. Joy In The Struggle by Rusty George
  8. Joy in Being Confident by Rusty George
Message Series: Weapons of Self Destruction

Weapons of Self-Destruction

In a world that is ever increasing with the threat of violence and war, it is hard at times to see anything beyond it. But is it possible to change this reality by simply focusing on ourselves?

In this two-part series we learn that it is our own Weapons of Self-Destruction that keep us from truly bringing about a world of peace, not just within ourselves, but a peace that could potentially change the world.


  1. Hypocrisy by Brennan Conklin
  2. Pride by Jake Barker
Message Series - Me


Many times we can make our relationship with God all about “me.” However, a healthy relationship is never one-sided. In the midst of all of our pleas for God to bless us and to let us prosper, we miss the point that our faith was meant to bless other people and help others to prosper.

Right now at Real Life Church, we’re exploring what it looks like not just to receive things from God but also to give back what God has already given us. We’ll also look at how God “tests” us and also uses us in the world, and you might be surprised at how God does so. Join us and bring a friend to our current series entitled simply, “Me.”


  1. Use Me by Rusty George
  2. Test Me by Rusty George
  3. Prosper Me by Rusty George
  4. Bless Me by Rusty George
Series - Invited

How To Get What You Really Want

We all think we know what we want, but do we know what we really want? That seems like a trick question, but really it is just a difficult one that many of us don’t get around to asking very often. Do we want something? Someone? Someplace? Are we absolutely sure? Who can tell? To address these sorts of questions, we have to start by identifying what we value, and even more specifically, what God values for us.

We’ve all experienced the satisfaction of getting what we wanted, at some point in our lives. However, it probably didn’t turn out to be what we thought it was. Perhaps that’s because what we got, wasn’t truly what we valued; it was just what we wanted. There’s a big difference! That’s what we’re going to be talking about with this series at Real Life entitled, “How To Get What You REALLY Want.” Not only will we confront the differences between pleasure and happiness, value and desire, but we’ll also talk about how to avoid being deceived by our own shallow “wants,” as well as how to focus on what we actually value. Furthermore, we’ll talk about how this fits in with what God has created us for, desires for us, and how to live out that purpose.


  1. Thinking It Through by Rusty George
  2. Last Things First by Rusty George
  3. Don’t Be Deceived by Rusty George
  4. Careful What You Want For by Rusty George
Message Series: Easter at Real Life Church 2018

Hope (Easter 2018)

This is a standalone message for Easter 2018.


  1. Easter 2019 by Rusty George
  2. Hope (Easter 2018) by Rusty George
Series - Invited


The kingdom of heaven is an awesome place to be, and for many, they feel this is a place far from reach. But, guess what, you are Invited.

During this two week series, we will look at how Jesus has invited everyone to this eternal party that never ends, but not all will choose to attend.


  1. RSVP by Mike Breaux
  2. The Kingdom of God Is A Party by Mike Breaux
Message Series: Better Together

Better Together

Exercise. Eat right. Share your faith. Produce fruit for God. Oh, and try to relax. Ever feel like trying to succeed is all about you? Or that trying to “die to yourself” only makes you more self-focused?

The Bible certainly has a lot to say about “me,” but it has much more to say about “we.” In fact, there are over 100 passages in the Bible where the two words “let us” are used. Let us not give up meeting together, let us encourage one another, let us serve one another. Could it be that the only way to fix “me” is found in “we”?

Together we connect with God better. Together we heal better. Together we overcome fears, raise families, fight temptations, and bless the world around us better.


  1. Better Together to Leave A Legacy by Rusty George
  2. Better Together to Overcome Weakness by Jud Wilhite
  3. Better Together to Know God by Rusty George
  4. Everyone Drives Me Crazy! by Rusty George
  5. We Is the Fix For Me by Rusty George
Series - Giants

Standalone: Giants by Mike Breaux

Giants is a standalone message by Mike Breaux.

As Super Bowl weekend approaches, many of the players on the field that day will be facing giants standing close to seven feet tall and weighing over 300 pounds. And though we may not be in the game, many of us have giants in our lives that seem impossible to breakthrough.

This week Mike Breaux looks at the story of a simple boy who faced a giant who was defying God, but through his faith, was able to defeat the giant Goliath. And through this story, we see how with the Lords help every giant in our lives can go down.


  1. 20th Anniversary by Rusty George
  2. Turning Down the Noise by Clay Scroggins
  3. Father’s Day 2020 ft. Jrue Holiday by Mike Breaux
  4. God in the Midst of Tragedy by Mike Breaux
  5. Prayer. Worship. Healing. by Rusty George
  6. Suicide Affects Us All by Rusty George
  7. 2018 Year End Service by Mike Breaux
  8. Christmas is #foryou by Rusty George
  9. #for by Rusty George
  10. Mother’s Day 2018 by Rusty George
Message Series: Is God Fake News?

Is God Fake News?

“Fake news” has come to be a phrase on the hot stove of our culture in the last year. It has grown to be used in any scenario or conversation that might be considered suspect, shady or downright false. For many of us, religion, church and God have always fallen under those categories. There is a lot we don’t understand, can’t wrap our heads around and so much more that just seems like fairytale bedtime stories we tell ourselves to feel better. In short, God has become a topic of “fake news” as we grow older, become educated, and experience real life.

In this new message series “Is God Fake News” we aim to investigate if God really is “fake news”. Is there any ounce of truth to this whole Jesus guy? If there is a God, is he really out to get us if we don’t fall in line? These types of questions and more will be discussed and we invite you to bring friends, family and co-workers to investigate with us. You just might be surprised by what you find.


  1. Real God by Rusty George
  2. Problem of Evil by Rusty George
  3. The God of Jesus by Rusty George
  4. Fake Gods by Rusty George
Series - Freedom Sunday

Awkward Christmas Photos

Every year many of us have to take that awkward Christmas photo. Showing our fake smiles, being next to people we may not even know and awkwardly waiting for the whole moment to be over.

And just like our Christmas photos, the photos of Jesus’ birth and life can be just as awkward. From being born of a virgin in a manger, to simply being a humble carpenter and servant, to being fully God and man at the same time–Jesus’ life if looked at through a photobook would be far from normal.


  1. Photobombed by Mike Breaux
  2. Just The Two of Us by Brennan Conklin
Message Series - Uconomy

Uconomy: Maximize Your Personal Economy

For most of us, money and church should be two separate conversations–never one in the same. But when we start having money troubles, we pray to God for help or blame others for the bind that we are in. Wouldn’t it be much easier if money weren’t always a point of contention?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. In this two-week series, Uconomy, we learn how God cares about us, our money and ultimately wants to free us from over the stresses of debt and finances.


  1. Maximize Your Freedom by Rusty George
  2. Maximize Your Satisfaction by Rusty George
Series - Freedom Sunday

Stranger Things

Many of us know and love the hit show Stranger Things on Netflix. And, just like the show, strange things seem to happen from time to time that are unexplainable.

Many of us believe just as scripture talks about, that there is an “upsidedown” or unseen world that is playing out behind the scenes. During this 4-week message series, we will talk through a Strange Story, An Unseen World, The Afterlife and the End of the World.

Through this series, we are going to draw back the invisible curtain to look at what the Bible has to say about these topics.


  1. Are We Living in the End Times? by Rusty George
  2. The Afterlife by John Burke
  3. An Unseen World by Rusty George
  4. Strange Story by Rusty George
Let It Go

Let It Go

Scientific and medical research today is showing a direct correlation between things we can’t let go of and how they can affect our physical well-being–not just emotional. Other researchers estimate that about 80% of patients in hospitals are actually there because of guilt-related illnesses. In other words, when you can’t let go of stuff, it will literally eat you alive–physically, emotionally and more importantly spiritually. If we could help, inspire, equip or challenge people to just LET IT GO, we can change on overall well-being in life.


  1. Anxiety by Jeff Vines
  2. Shame by Mike Breaux
  3. Fear by Gene Appel
  4. Envy by Rusty George
Series - Freedom Sunday

Freedom Sunday

Slavery still exists. With more than 45 million slaves in the world today, it’s worse than ever. Freedom Sunday is an initiative from International Justice Mission to bring light to this terrible atrocity and to inform people on what action steps they can take to end modern-day slavery.


  1. Freedom Sunday by Pablo Villeda
Chasing Happy

Chasing Happy

Everybody wants to be happy, everybody is on a happiness quest. For many, happiness is measured in moments–experiences. It’s elusive. Unsustainable. What about you? What makes you happy? We’ll explore the things all happy people have in common, then describe how these things can be realities for you as well.


  1. More Than You by Mike Breaux
  2. The Displeasure with Pleasure by Rusty George
  3. The Most Important Piece of Peace by Mike Breaux
  4. The Farmer’s Approach by Rusty George
  5. What Makes You Happy? by Rusty George
All In

All In

As we kick off a new season at Real Life Church, Rusty challenges everyone to grow and dig deeper in their walk with God.


  1. All In by Rusty George
  2. All In – Rooted by Rusty George
Running with Giants

Running with Giants

Hebrews 11 is referred to as the “hall of faith.” The author lists all these heroes of the faith who displayed incredible courage and trust in God; Abraham, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Moses and many more. Then the first verse of the next chapter says “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses…let us run the race with endurance.”  The witnesses are not the world, but these heroes of the faith–they are cheering us on.


  1. Joseph by Mike Breaux
  2. Gideon by Mike Breaux
  3. Rahab by Mike Breaux
  4. Samson by Dave Dummit
  5. Jacob by Shane Philip
  6. Moses by Rusty George
  7. Noah by Rusty George
  8. Abraham by Rusty George


Our kids are constantly facing the challenges of peer pressure, getting good grades and worrying about what to do for college. Beyond these challenges they face the use drugs, shame and the daily rankings of their value through “likes” and views on social media. And as parents, instead of investing into our kids souls, we are adamant about pouring into their education and physical fitness. It’s up to us to make sure they know they are more than “liked”, they are loved by God and were created for a purpose.


  1. Vertical vs Horizontal by Rusty George
  2. Shawn and Kevin Malone by Rusty George
  3. Superheroes of Today by Rusty George
  4. Building Superheroes Together by Mike Breaux
  5. Superheroes in the World by Rusty George
  6. Superheroes in Our Community by Rusty George
It's Complicated

It’s Complicated

We are all imperfect people. How do we not drive each other crazy and get along? For the next 6 weeks, we will explore some Godly wisdom that might just help a lot of us bring a better person to every relationship. But then again–it’s complicated.


  1. Spiritually Mismatched by Jim Howard
  2. The Crazy Cycle by Rusty George
  3. Surviving Change by Mike Breaux
  4. I’m Talking But No One Is Listening by Rusty George
  5. Why Can’t You Be Normal Like Me? by Rusty George
  6. The Mind Game by Rusty George
This Is Jesus

This Is Jesus

Who is this man? And what does it mean to say we follow Him? Is it enough to believe in Him, to agree with Him, to pray to Him or to honor him at a service once a week? How do we trust Him? How do we continue His work? How do we follow Jesus?

Through this study, our goal is to discover who we are in light of who He is. This is Jesus–this is us.


  1. Alive (Easter 2017) by Rusty George
  2. We Die by Mike Breaux
  3. We Pray by Rusty George
  4. We Are Empowered by Rusty George
  5. We Serve by Rusty George
  6. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
  7. We Extend Compassion by Rusty George
  8. We Move Towards the Mess by Rusty George
  9. We Remove Obstacles To God by Brennan Conklin
  10. Who Is This Man? by John Ortberg
Real Life at the Movies

Real Life at the Movies

Many of us would love to live our lives through movies, and for many others, movies become an inspiration for some of the choices they make in their lives. Just as movies inspire us, movies also help illustrate powerful teachings found in the Bible.


  1. Rudy by Rusty George
  2. The Impossile by Rusty George
  3. Unbroken by Rusty George
  4. 42 by Rusty George
  5. The Notebook by Rusty George
  6. Saving Mr. Banks by Rusty George
Merry Conversations

Merry Conversations

Christmas is a time when we have a lot of conversations with people. Office parties, neighborhood gatherings, family dinners; what do you say when someone makes a statement about faith and you have about 15 seconds to give a response? You wish you could talk for an hour, but they won’t give you that kind of time–so what do you say that might make them think, ask a question or maybe even listen.


  1. Hope for the Holidays (Christmas 2016) by Rusty George
  2. I’m Not A Church Person by Brennan Conklin
  3. I Have A “Friend” Who Has A Problem by Mike Breaux
  4. I Don’t Believe in the Bible by Rusty George
  5. I’m Not Into Religion by Rusty George
Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Jesus told us that is, “better to give than receive.” Out of the Box is Real Life Church’s effort in fulfilling what Jesus asked of us. Every year, Real Life Church collects hundreds of thousands of dollars over a two week period to bless local and global projects, non-profits and organizations that believe it is better to give than receive.


  1. Our Community by Rusty George
  2. Get out of the Shade by Greg Nettle
Real Life Conversations

Real Life Conversations

Real Life Conversations are extraordinary stories, interviews and first-hand accounts of how God has worked miraculously through these individuals lives. From sports to fame to knowledge, Real Life Conversations helps see how God moves through everyone.


  1. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
  2. Mark Munoz by Mark Munoz
  3. Dustin Nickerson by Dustin Nickerson
  4. I’m Afraid For Those I Love by Rusty George
Under Further Review

Under Further Review

With fall comes fans going crazy and highly conditioned gladiators going at it on the gridiron for football season.

Fall is football–and with football, comes these guys with whistles and striped shirts going “under the hood” to review plays. And just like in football, it might be a good idea for us to maybe take another look–a closer look–at how we’re living and relating in our lives. Perhaps stop, rewind and take a deeper, inside-out look at our character.


  1. Facemask by Mike Breaux
  2. False Start by Mike Breaux
  3. Unnecessary Roughness by Mike Breaux
  4. Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Brennan Conklin
  5. Block in the Back by Rusty George
When You, Then God

When You, Then God

Daring to trust God: It feels like a huge risk. When you take a leap of faith, big or small, you have to believe that God cares enough to be there―even though you can’t see where you’re going to land.

He promises over and over again―in the Old Testament, in the life of Jesus, and in countless Biblical stories and psalms―that when you trust him, then you can absolutely, without fail, count on him to respond.


  1. When You Serve by Rusty George
  2. When You Invest In Him by Rusty George
  3. When You Give Up Comfort by Rusty George
  4. When You Remain by Rusty George
  5. When You, Then God by Rusty George


Over 2000 years ago Jesus told stories that we are still telling today. Whether you grew up in the church or not–chances are you’ve heard either parts of these stories, renditions of these stories or know them by heart. But these stories are more than just ancient anecdotes or religious truisms for the people of Jesus day–they were actually windows into some of life’s biggest mysteries about God, heaven and how to live a fulfilling life. Though these stories were told long ago, they are truths that still can be applied today.


  1. Wise and Foolish Builders by Mark Weigt
  2. The Two Sons by Brennan Conklin
  3. The Wedding Banquet by Caleb Kaltenbach
  4. The Visitor at Midnight by Shane Philip
  5. The Mustard Seed by Rusty George
  6. The Wine Skins by Rusty George
  7. The Lost Sheep by Rusty George


What is that thing beyond your control that haunts you and creates tightness in your chest when you think about it? The world can be a scary place, and many of us might be carrying a lot of fears. But in the sea of threatening voices we want to hear God’s voice. His appeal from Scripture is clear and constant: Fear not!


  1. I’m Afraid For Those I Love by Rusty George
  2. I’m Afraid I’m Not A Good Parent by Rusty George
  3. I’m Afraid To Die by Rusty George
  4. I’m Afraid Everything Is Getting Worse by Brennan Conklin
  5. I’m Afraid of Disappointing God by Rusty George
  6. I’m Afraid Something Bad Will Happen To Me by Rusty George