What do we do for the homeless in Santa Clarita?

First we are going to love our guests, and that is what we call the “homeless” who come to our outreach, guests. We will smile, we will shake a hand, pat a shoulder, give a hug, laugh, cry, and listen. We are going to look at our guest like we are looking into the face of Jesus…with humility and love.

Second, we will serve. We will help them find what they need, we will feed them a meal, provide a shower, a haircut, give them clothing, and hygiene. We will ask if they need a refill, we will pick up their plates, we will hand them a towel, sweep up their hair, and clean up their spills. They are our guests and we will serve them like we are serving Jesus…with generosity, with enthusiasm and joy.

Build Relationships
Third, and this we can do as we serve, we will build relationships. We will ask their names, we will pray together, we will listen to their story, we will share our story, we will talk about sports, and movies, and music. Over time we hope to know a guest and know their needs and their goals so we can help them move in the right direction. We will build a relationship with them like they were Jesus…with humility, honesty, patience, and determination.

Our amazing volunteers will bring a main dish, a side dish, bread, fruit and a dessert.

(every other Monday)
San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission provides their shower trailer and truck. One of our amazing volunteers picks it up and brings it to our location. They also provide towels, soap, shampoo and a few clothing items. Showers are hot and clean for each guest. (Yes, that means the showers are quickly cleaned in between guest’s shower)

(every other Monday)
Several amazing hair stylists volunteer their expertise to provide a great haircut. Some work in their private salons while others come from Sports Clips. Our guests must take a shower and wash their hair prior to getting a haircut.

Clothing, hygiene supplies and non-perishable goods
Angel’s Camp provides their trailer full of the listed supplies. Our volunteers help sort any donated items dropped off, set items out, and help locate items needed from the trailer.

Bicycle Repair
A special volunteer provides basic repairs to bikes once-a-month.

I want to serve, what do I need to know?

ReNEWal meets every Monday from 6-8 p.m. at:

Savia Building
23780 Newhall Ave.
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

You should arrive by 5:30 p.m. for prayer and assignments.

What role will I play?

All volunteer positions are listed on the Sign-Up Genius email/website. To keep everyone happy and feeling needed, only need those who signed up to come. If you signed up to bring food or an item, you are not required to stay. Also, please refrain from signing up for more than two needs, so more people can serve.

Conversations around the table

Like any relationship, it takes time. Typically, you don’t start out asking personal questions when you talk to someone new…not too personal. SO, be sensitive. Act normal. Pretty much anything is okay to ask or talk about but some things are best left unsaid or unasked on the first night.

Don’t lead with these subjects

  • Family questionsWhy they are homeless. o Are you a drug addict? o Do you like being homeless? o Have you ever looked for a job?
  • Why they are homeless?
  • Are you a drug addict?Do you like being homeless? o Have you ever looked for a job?
  • Do you like being homeless?Have you ever looked for a job?
  • Have you ever looked for a job?


  • Ask permission to pray with them
  • Don’t preach–share your story, listen to their story

Be aware of

  • Be careful with your conversations with the opposite sex–don’t engage in one-on-one conversation with the opposite sex for longer than 5 minutes
  • DO NOT give money, or more than $10 gift card
  • DO NOT promise anything, unless you are really going to follow through
  • DO NOT offer a ride, offer to hire for work, share Facebook info or provide any personal information
  • Ladies, DO NOT walk to your vehicle without an RLC chaperone
  • SPEAK UP if you witness anything suspicious or inappropriate OR feel uncomfortable

Parents with Children

You are responsible for your children 18 and under. Please do not leave under-aged kids un-chaperoned due to safety concerns. Our guests are welcomed, but we do not screen who is coming to receive the services we provide, which means, we cannot guarantee the safety of your children. Please watch and be responsible for them.


We are all poor (in our relationship with God, ourselves, each other and the planet…we are all broken, poor and in need of Jesus) want to communicate to each other that we are special, have purpose and value, that God sees us, loves us and that we are not alone. We need each other!We will work hard

We will work hard alongside one anyone who wants to work hard as well. Our hope is that relationships will be built, resources will be made available and transition takes place.

If, in your relationship with a guest, you discover he or she wants help with a substance abuse issue or is looking for resources or immediate assistance, find the pastor or Bridge to Home representative.