If you are participating in the Fill-A-Bag initiative, you can download the list here.

Inspiring one more person to invest in the life of a foster child, by providing support, being a partner or becoming a foster/adoption family.

The statistics are alarming regarding the consequences to foster children when they are parented by a “system” in lieu of a loving and nurturing home. God’s heart beats for the orphan, the father-less, and those children with no place to call home. With our county in crisis and seeking assistance, the Church can make the difference. It is full of ordinary people willing to act in extraordinary ways so that ONE MORE child’s life can be forever changed.

Here are the kinds of beliefs that God our Father accepts as pure and without fault. When widows and children who have no parents are in trouble, take care of them. James 1:27 NIR

God’s heart beats for the orphan, the father-less, and children with no place to call home – and so must ours. We are ordinary people willing to act in extraordinary ways so that ONE MORE child’s life can be forever changed. YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD!

ONEMORE Involvement Levels


Support the Cause

You can pray for a specific child, for the ONEMORE Initiative, for the crisis to come to an end, and for every child to find a home.

You can help support the mission of ONEMORE through a financial gift.

During certain times of the year we will need special donations (Beginning of the school year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc.) Specific needs throughout the year will be made known.

Provide child-care, help with an event or project.

Carry a picture of a child or a key and talk about ONEMORE to friends and coworkers, helping to spread the news.


Partner for the needs

Partner with a Social Worker
Your family, your Community Group, your office, etc. could adopt a social worker(s). Be a source of support, love, encouragement, and prayer to those who seek to improve the quality of life of a foster child as a profession.

Partner with a Family
Your family or Community Group can “adopt” a foster family – or an adoption family – by acting as their extended family; providing resources, transportation, give support, love, encouragement, prayer and assistance however possible.

Become a Mentor
Become a mentor to children through our partnerships with FYI, CASA and Friends of the Family.


Family for the children

Respite Care
Allow a family that may have an emergency, or needs rest, or must go out of town, or may just need to recharge, by keeping the children for a few days/weeks.

Emergency Parent
Become an emergency foster parent. Provide a home for a few days or weeks as placement for the child is being determined.

Foster or Adopt
We have a partnership with Olive Crest to become certified to foster or adopt a child looking for a forever family.

Foster Support Group
First Monday of the Month fosters families can come find love and support as well as ongoing training. To learn more, email onemore@reallifechurch.org.

Get Involved Today

Don’t let another day pass when you can be ONEMORE in the life of a child.