Short-Term Mission Trip

About Uganda

Uganda, officially the Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country (except for bordering a lake) in East-Central Africa. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania.

The official languages are English and Swahili, although “any other language may be used as a medium of instruction in schools or other educational institutions or for legislative, administrative or judicial purposes as may be prescribed by law.”

  • Population: ~41.5 Million
  • Language: English and Swahili
  • Government Type: Unitary Dominant-Party Semi-Presidential Republic
  • Average Annual Income: $1,602 per household
  • Industries: Agricultural products, the manufacture of light consumer goods and textiles and the production of beverages, electricity and cement.
  • Main Exports: Coffee, tea, cotton, copper, oil and fish.
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.1%
  • Average Life Expectancy: 59.89 Years
  • Currency: Ugandan Shilling (fluctuates daily, currently 3,750 shillings to 1 dollar)
  • Religions: Indigenous religions, Islam and Christianity
Uganda Short-term Mission Trip
Uganda Short-term Mission Trip

About the Trip

Serve orphan children with activities, and helping COTN with a project in the village.

Children of the Nation approached their involvement in northern Uganda with their vision firmly in place: Raising children who transform nations. Beginning in the summer of 2005 with African and American trauma counseling teams visiting IDP camps in and around the Lira area, COTN began building relationships with Ugandans and making inroads for long-term success. Through a Village Partnership Program and Children’s Homes, COTN has established a daily presence in the community we minister to, providing resources (including a school and ministry center) that empower Ugandans to raise their own children. COTN has a well-rounded approach in all its work in Uganda, aiming to provide opportunities for children to become the transformational leaders needed to give their country a better future.

Trip Details

Lira, Uganda

Trip Date
July 17-31, 2020

Trip Cost

$100 non-refundable

Application Deadline
February 16, 2020


Required Immunizations
Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Malaria

Team Training
This trip will require a few team training meeting prior to departure. The meeting schedule will be provided.