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Dominican Republic

Short-term Mission Trip

About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic shares the island Hispañiola with the country of Haiti. Hispañiola is the second largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba. Nearly 80% of the country’s 49,000 sq. km. is covered with mountains, but some 20 different topographical areas exist in the country. About 2.5 million of the country’s 10 million residents live in the capital, Santo Domingo. Over 10% of the population is of Haitian descent. Roman Catholicism is the country’s official religion and about 85% of the people profess this. About half of the population is believed to be involved in occult practices.

  • Population: ~10.6 Million
  • Language: Spanish
  • Government Type: Representative Democracy
  • Average Annual Income: $5,600 per household
  • Industries: Tourism, agriculture, cement, food processing, metal refining, mining, petroleum products, textiles, tobacco products.
  • Main Exports: Cocoa, coffee, ferronickel, gold, meats, nickel, silver, sugar, tobacco.
  • Unemployment Rate: 15%
  • Average Life Expectancy: 73 Years
  • Currency: Peso (fluctuates daily, currently 36 pesos to 1 dollar)
  • State Religion: Catholicism
Dominican Republic Short-term Mission Trip
Dominican Republic Short-term Mission Trip

About the Trip

Join us and discover the Dominican Republic as we work with kids and local churches. We will be learning from Go Ministries as they bring the whole-gospel as well as International Justice Mission, Blackbox International and other great organizations that are seeking to bring justice and restoration for trafficked minors.

The high value of the local church in partnership with local non-profits working to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children. This trip will spend 3 days in the city of Santiago serving the local church and community children and families, learning from GO Ministries and 2 days in the city of Santo Domingo with International Justice Mission, Lily House and Blackbox International. Be advised, we will be respectfully discussing sensitive issues regarding sex trafficking of minors as well as a short prayer walk through a Red Light district in Boca Chica, escorted by our ministry partners. (There is nothing x-rated out in the open). This will be a unique opportunity to work with several of our partners, experience many facets of life on the island, discover more about the crisis of slavery in our world and the role of the Church locally and globally.

Trip Details

Trip Date
January 4-11, 2019

Trip Cost

$300 non-refundable (due November 18, 2018)


American Air – arriving in Santiago and departing from Santo Domingo, Partner Ministry buses, Area Metro.



GO Ministries partners with local leaders in the Dominican Republic. There are three major hubs of ministry, one in Santiago, one in Hato del Yaque, and one in Batey Nueve. Those hubs facilitate churches, medical clinics, dormitories for teams, sports outreach, ongoing training, nutrition centers, and Christian schools.

Learn more about Go Ministries


International Justice Mission (IJM) works out of their Field Office in Santo Domingo. IJM conducts operations all over the island and is in partnership with 150 local churches in the D.R.

Learn more about IJM


Lily House helps women from the streets find restoration and provides job skill training for a sustainable future.

Learn more about Lily House


Blackbox International seeks to bring restorative care to boys rescued from sexual exploitation.

Learn more about Blackbox International