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Lira, Uganda


Children of the Nations

Children of the Nations approached their involvement in northern Uganda with their vision firmly in place: Raising children who transform nations. Beginning in the summer of 2005 with African and American trauma counseling teams visiting IDP camps in and around the Lira area, COTN began building relationships with Ugandans and making inroads for long-term success. Through a Village Partnership Program and Children’s Homes, COTN has established a daily presence in the community we minister to, providing resources (including a school and ministry center) that empower Ugandans to raise their own children. COTN has a well-rounded approach in all its work in Uganda, aiming to provide opportunities for children to become the transformational leaders needed to give their country a better future.

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Upcoming Trips

All trips through COTN allow you to see the work of a long-term global partner. You will get to spend time with children at the COTN-Uganda Village, learn from and encourage COTN staff and teachers at the school and participate in ongoing and special ministry efforts at the school.

Requirements for all trips: application, background check, passport, immunizations, Rooted participant, team meeting(s) and must be at least 16 years of age.

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