Real Life Leadership Institute


Called to Vocational Pastoral Ministry

The Real Life Leadership Institute Residency Program is an 18 month, full-time leadership development program for college graduates looking to pursue vocational ministry. The program is designed to give hands-on experience along with personal mentoring and leadership training to equip emerging church leaders for a lifetime of ministry significance. The goal is to make all resident graduates highly hireable in their pursuit of a career in successful ministry. We have partnerships with Reliant Mission and Leadership Pathway to ensure quality vetting, resources, and training.

Program Details

Development Components

During your residency with the Real Life Leadership Institute, you will gain ministry experience, be trained in leadership coaching and show growth in your personal development.

Leadership Curriculum
Our leadership curriculum will focus on these four key areas:

  1. Spiritual Formation
  2. Organizational Structure
  3. Relational Shepherding
  4. Focused Leadership


Compensation is given through support-raised salary and benefits system. Housing will be provided based on need. Real Life Leadership Institute is partnered with Reliant Mission for personal fundraising coaching.

Who is Eligible to Apply
Our residency program is best suited for college graduates and mature adults called to vocational full-time ministry. An individual without a college degree may apply and enroll in one of our academic partners BA programs.

Academic Component
Residents will have the ability to enroll in a seminary school to earn a Master’s degree at one of our partner schools and the tuition cost of the academic degree can be fundraised if desired.

Real Life Leadership Institute exists to provide emerging Christian leaders with ministry experience, leadership coaching and personal development to pursue and thrive in vocational ministry.


Exploring Vocational Ministry and Discipleship

Our Internship includes both a Summer-only as well as a year-long ministry exploration and discipleship program. Interns will be mentored, coached and developed to gain an overall general church ministry experience at one of our church campuses through a quarterly rotation in various ministry departments. Applicants are adults aged 18-29, preferably one year removed from graduating high school. There is a tuition for the internship to cover academic classes, books and program costs. The year-long internship includes an opportunity to receive a Certificate in Christian Ministry from Hope International University.

Program Details

3 Essential Components

  1. Theological Development – Academic Education
  2. Leadership Development – Practical Ministry
  3. Practical Development – Life Application

Workload and Cost
Year-long Internship:

  • Divided quarterly
  • Four total courses (1 per quarter) for the Certificate in Christian Ministry
  • General ministry practicum in a different department each quarter
  • Foreign mission trip included
  • Multiple start dates in August, January or June
  • Cost = $2500 for tuition, books, mission trip and program costs (if requesting housing there is an additional cost upon availability)

Summer-only Internship (June – August):

  • Focused leadership development in one ministry department
  • Hand-on practical experience with the opportunity to lead and teach
  • Outreach experience included
  • Leadership course through Hope International University for credit or audit
  • Cost = $450 (cost is reduced if only auditing HIU class and increased if housing is requested upon availability)

All interns will have an average of 30 hours per week between academic and ministry development.

Interns will be able to work a part-time job while interning but Internship must be the priority.

Ministry Training
Ministry training will consist of generalized ministry training throughout various ministry departments along with leadership development and personal spiritual growth.

Who is Eligible to Apply
College-aged students looking to be disciplined and explore ministry as a vocational calling. Ideally, candidates would be 1 year removed from high school, but not required.