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At Real Life Church we want to resource families with irresistible, visible, consistent environments where kids and teenagers can learn to find and follow Jesus. By expanding and remodeling our existing space for children, and providing a new space for upper elementary children, middle schoolers and high schoolers, we will not only be giving them much needed space, but it will allow us to broaden the reach of our mission by providing more refined, age-specific programming (find), and small group interactions for all ages (follow).

Newborn children all the way through high school need someone to invest in them personally–all while having a safe, specific place for that investment to happen.

Our hope for this new space will be to:

  • Create irresistible weekend environments for kids and students while helping families during the week
  • Globally help by rescuing kids who are orphans, in poverty and trafficked
  • Provide marriage and family therapy on site

A Message from our Director of Family Ministries

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In order for us to make this building a reality, we need to raise $5M over a two year period. Based on our averages, that would only be $53/month per giving unit.

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