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The Estate Planning Workshop is currently not open for registration. Join our interest list and we will contact you when registration opens.

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Estate Planning Workshop

Every adult needs a will or living trust, regardless of your phase of life. 50% – 70% of adult Americans do not have a current will or living trust. Real Life’s Financial Freedom ministry, in partnership with Christian Trustmaker, would like to invite you to learn how to build a successful estate plan from a Christian perspective. This workshop will make a seemingly complicated process very simple and clear, helping you to take next steps to prepare or update your plans.

In this workshop:

  • Learn to pass godly wisdom, before dollars, to those you value the most.
  • Decide whether you want money to go to the government or charities of your choice, while caring for your loved ones.
  • Save money—proper estate planning legal documents can save your family thousands of dollars.
  • Save time—learn how to easily distribute your assets without the time-consuming process of probate.
  • Attain peace of mind—ensure guardianship wishes for your minor children and distribution of your valuables are fulfilled.
  • Learn about a Last Will & Testament, Revocable Living Trusts, Power of Attorney for Property, Advanced Medical Directives and more.

I need a will or trust now.

If you need a will or trust now, no problem. As a gift to you, we have partnered with Christian Trustmaker who is giving all Real Life Church attendees a 30% discount on preparing a will or trust. You do not need to attend the workshop to receive the discount.