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Class Details

Thursdays | 5:30-6:30 p.m.
October 12-26

Valencia | Room 105


Childcare is NOT provided for this class.

Josh Komo


Theopraxis is a three-week immersive experience in Christian theology. However, it is not just content, it also involves conversation. A teacher will present different topics of theology, you will discuss those topics within a group and then have the opportunity to interact and ask poignant questions. The goal is not to tell you what to think, but to make you think and apply the information you receive in your own daily life.The word “

The word “theopraxis” comes from the Greek words “theos” (God) and “praxis” (practice). So it involves practicing or living out, the character and mission of God. We want Theopraxis to be a safe environment to be challenged with new perspectives, ask questions that you’ve never asked before, and to take ownership of your own, unique
theological voice.

In the first installment, we will tackle different questions such as:

  • What were we created for?
  • What is the significance and purpose of prayer?
  • Does God have a plan for my life and how do I know what that is?

The class comes at no cost and participants will receive a journal/workbook in which to take notes, jot down questions or observations from the discussion, and contains Scripture references and outlines on given topics.

Bring your family, friends, coworkers, group leaders or participants, all are welcome and invited to engage.