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Class Details

Thursdays | 5:30-7 p.m.
January 18–February 1, 2018

Valencia | Room 105


Childcare is NOT provided for this class.

Josh Komo


Theopraxis is a discipleship experience that seeks to empower you in your personal life and your various areas of influence. The word “theopraxis” comes from the Greek words “God” and “practice.” So, yes, it is a deeper study in theology but not just for the sake of acquiring knowledge. Theology is not just about explaining the world better, but relating to it better by becoming more like Jesus.

Theopraxis is a communal experience as well that focuses as much on the conversation as it does content. Not only will you hear some helpful theology but you’ll also be provided the opportunity to internalize it through interacting with others around you. This is an environment where you can ask tough questions, engage in discussion, and own the information presented so you can grow and change.

Current Module

We’ve grown accustomed to separating faith and culture. So much so that the church is not longer authoritative or even credible in many ways. But you can change this. This module is designed to help you find your own, unique theological voice and contribute to a transformative theology that will not only benefit the church, but the world in which you encounter every single day. Put your thought where your heart is and learn to tell your story in light of God’s story. So join others in discovering the insightful and powerful way Christianity can be applied to our contemporary society when you’re the one applying it. This is the heart of theology and the church.