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Real Life Church is a rapidly growing, cutting-edge church in Santa Clarita, CA with a mission: “To help people find and follow Jesus.” And we accomplish this with the vision to be a church that is irresistible to the unchurched. We are providing Internship opportunities where you will receive personal development, as well as witnessing and impacting lives being transformed through the power of faith and the Gospel. The Real Life Church Internship Program is designed to give participants ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into the life of someone in ministry. Participants will gain valuable experience while working alongside RLC staff members. Internship positions are available during the Fall and Spring semesters. The goal of the Internship Program is to Develop, Disciple, and Deploy young men and women into the Great Commission.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Between the ages 18 to 30 years old
  • Exemplifies and lives a life in Christ
  • Fully supports the mission, vision, values and core beliefs of Real Life Church

Application Process

All interested applicants are required to submit the Internship Application along with a resume, photo and brief cover letter explaining why they want to be an Intern and why they should be chosen.

A select group of applicants will be chosen for the interview process. After the interview process is complete, applicants will be notified if they have been chosen for the Internship Program.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, Intern positions will require a time commitment of approximately 15-20 hours per week. The Internship is designed to be a year-long position broken up into two 6 month semesters. The first semester is focused on understanding the DNA of RLC while the second semester is focused on leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions
What will I be doing in the Internship?

The weekly routine will vary depending on the Intern’s ministry area and the needs of the specific Intern position. The Development Plan will include training and ministry skills taught by your direct supervisor along with meeting with each Department Director to learn the various functions of how RLC functions. The Discipleship Plan will include being paired with an adult mentor and weekly Intern gatherings with teaching and discussion, which will include assignments. The Deployment Plan will be simply to prepare the Intern for future potential work within a church or ministry setting with a focus on the Great Commission.

Do Interns work on Sundays?

All Interns will be serving in various capacities during our weekend services on Thursday and/or Sunday. The department supervisors will determine the role for each Intern position.

Is the internship paid?

No. However, all hired Interns will get a reimbursement stipend of up to $125 per week. It is a reimbursement of the Intern’s various expenses that include school, cell phone, insurance, rent, etc.

How can I get college credit?

If your college or university offers Internship opportunities, we will work directly with your counselors and/or professors to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements. Also RLC is looking at partnering with a couple of universities to receive college credit if accepted into the schools.

Will Real Life Church help with housing?

We are currently working on offering limited housing opportunities for Interns. Interns needing housing would potentially stay with host families that are RLC members. The host families also go through an application and interview process to make sure we match the Intern with the best host family. If housing is a need please make your request known immediately.

Will I hear from someone immediately?

You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application. All applicants will hear a yes or no approximately a month before the internship begins.

Are international applicants eligible?

Yes. Other documentation may be needed should you choose to apply, i.e. work visa.

Do I need a car?

It is strongly preferred. The majority of responsibilities of our Interns require them to have a reliable form of transportation. This ranges from daily job responsibilities, being able to get to and from work throughout the week and serving on the weekends. If a vehicle is not a likely option for you we will try and work with you, such as getting you a host family close to the church campus, or purchasing a Segway for you…just kidding.

For all other questions, contact Dave Wilson, the Young Adults Pastor at dwilson@reallifechurch.org or 661-775-2045.