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Bringing aid to the first responders and people affected by the Sylmar, Valencia and Ventura fires.

A Santa Clarita Christmas

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Attend One Serve One

Help people find and follow Jesus this Christmas. We are encouraging everyone to ATTEND one service and SERVE at another. From greeting to taking photos to helping people find seats–we have a position that will fit you perfectly.

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Message Series - Awkward Christmas Photos

Awkward Christmas Photos

Every year many of us have to take that awkward Christmas photo. Showing our fake smiles, being next to people we may not even know and awkwardly waiting for the whole moment to be over.

And just like our Christmas photos, the photos of Jesus’ birth and life can be just as awkward. From being born of a virgin in a manger, to simply being a humble carpenter and servant, to being fully God and man at the same time–Jesus’ life if looked at through a photobook would be far from normal.