The Road

The Road
Starting on Thursday, March 13, Real Life Church is excited to begin a new series called The Road. For this series, a team traveled to Israel to follow the footsteps of Jesus in the week leading to His death and resurrection.
Week 1 - The Distraction of Crowds
In the first week of The Road, we will follow the footsteps of Jesus as he enters the city of Jerusalem to the fanfare of the crowds. Jesus chooses to focus on the applause of heaven, and we can learn how to find freedom in Christ through his example.
Week 2 - The Breakdown of Betrayal
All of us at some time or another have felt like we’ve been betrayed. This weekend we talk about one of the most famous betrayal’s in history, the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, and what Jesus has to teach us from it.
Week 3 - The Roadblock of Tragedy
Bethany Hamilton, the Soul Surfer, will be with us at RLC this Saturday and Sunday to share her powerful testimony. This is a great weekend to bring a friend, but come early or choose the evening services to beat the crowds!
Week 4 - The Detour of Dread
We all have something that we dread. Perhaps it's a conversation with your kids, an issue with your spouse, or a health issue. The problem is that dread can pose a detour, and even Jesus faced it. This week we take a look at how He handled dread.
Week 5 - The Pain of Loneliness
We are dealing with something that has the ability to END your journey. When we talk about the ups and downs of life…. and you think specifically about the downs… there is a pain that can sometimes seem worse than anything you’ve ever experienced.
Week 6 (Easter) - The Destination of Life
We all want to reach the same destination... great family, great job, great friends, and we all want to get to heaven. The issue isn't the destination... it's who we follow to get there! This weekend, we take a look into Jesus' empty tomb.